INSUPRENE is an elastomeric Modified Bitumen Membrane used for various waterproof
applications. It is manufactured in a high-tech calendaring process, which involves the
saturation and coating of a polyester carrier with an SBS elastomer-modified bitumen
compound. The SBS modifiers are used to improve the thermal, chemical, and aging
properties of the bitumen compound. Meanwhile, the mechanical characteristics such
as tensile strength, elongation, and tear resistance are boosted by the non-woven
polyester carrier, which acts as a reinforcement to the product.

INSUPRENE – Bitumen Membrane Surface Finish
The lower surface of the membrane is laminated with a thin thermo-fusible polyethylene
‘burn-off’ film. The membrane is available with a wide range of upper surface finish
options including different coloured slates, aluminium foil, sand, and polyethylene film.
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  • Absolute impermeability to water
  •  High chemical resistance to alkaline solutions, light acidic solutions, and bacteria
  •  Thermal resistance under a wide range of temperature fluctuation
  •  Excellent U.V. resistance when the surface is finished with slates
  •  Ease of adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces
  •  Applicable for above and below grade usages

INSUPRENE Membrane Characteristics
Characteristics PES

Flexibility at low temperature -22 to – 25 C

Thickness 4 mm

Softening Point (Ring & Ball) 110 C

Related Applications
INSUPRENE membranes are used for a wide variety of waterproofing requirements and
in applications where the membrane is subject to constant movement and high stresses,
such as:

  • Roofing Insulation
  •  Sloped and flat roofs Insulation.
  •  Insulation for tunnels, wet areas, swimming pools, and toilets
  •  Foundations and underground structures Insulation